DCA - Sodium Dichloroacetate, 10 grams


Sodium Dichloroacetate 10 grams. This is Pharmaceutical grade and over 99% pure.  


Please read up on this item and use your own discretion. Consult your medical professional if needed before use.
Most people use a dosage according to their body mass, and this is why Healing Tree of Life is selling it in a powder form rather than a capsule form. 
A dose of about 4-6mg per pound of body weight dissolved in water or juice (on a full stomach) per day is recommended by most as a low even dosage. So a person weighing 150 pound should take around 750mg per day on a full stomach. 
A good cheap digital jewelry scale (needs to display milligrams) is ideal for weighing out your dosage, and can be found all over on eBay and places such as Amazon. After you determine your dosage per pound of body weight, measure out your Sodium DCA and stir into water until dissolved then drink.
You can find good information on the internet about dosages and different protocols including the use of caffeinated tea, and B-1 thiamine which may help with determine a suitable protocol for yourself. It is strongly suggested to take for 5 days then give yourself at least 2 days off from taking Sodium DCA so your body has time to flush waste and avoid side effects that can be serious.
If you do exhibit side effects please stop using until your body has flushed any toxins from your body. Side effects can be found on the internet with a simple search. Search for "Tumor Lysis Syndrome" for more information.  When tumors start to die rapidly, they need to be flushed from the body or toxicity can occur.

Healing Tree of Life LLC is not responsible for any misuse or improper handling. There is no miracle cure. You will only get out what you put in. To get maximum effect from your product, we suggest going on a non-processed, non-GMO, no-sugar diet and exercise regimen if you are experiencing various health issues.

We strongly recommend that you consult a proper medical/holistic professional before usage of any kind. Buyer is solely responsible for the dosage of any and all items sold by Healing Tree of Life LLC. 

All products listed on www.healingtreeoflife.com have not been FDA approved, if they have this will be stated in the specific product listing.

Our products are assembled and packaged in Oregon, USA in a facility that may also process ingredients containing wheat, milk, egg, soybeans, fish, shellfish, treenuts, bee products, and peanuts.


It is recommended that you store all products in a cool, dark and dry place and avoid excessive heat and moisture. Always securely close your product bags after usage.

Read our terms & conditions before ordering anything from this web shop.


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DCA - Sodium Dichloroacetate, 10 grams
DCA - Sodium Dichloroacetate, 10 grams
DCA - Sodium Dichloroacetate, 10 grams