Healing Tree of Life LLC use USPS or FedEx to ship your items. We are currently shipping to certain countries only. If you are from a country that isn't included please let us know and we can look up the rates and add it to the list.

For international shipping we fill out a customs forms required by USPS; United States Postal Service, which means that your item may be inspected upon arrival in your country. We do not send our products as “Gifts”, only as “Merchandise”. Therefore buyer is responsible for any charges demanded by their country's customs, if any are demanded.

USPS orders that are ordered at or before 10 AM PST Mon- Fri will be shipped out the same day.

FedEx orders that are ordered at or before 1.30 PM PST Mon-Fri will be shipped out the same day. If you require FedEx Saturday delivery please choose FedEx First Priority while checking out on Friday's before 1.30 PM PST.

We reserve the right for errors of any nature that may delay an order. If it doesn't get shipped out as stated above it will be shipped out as soon as possible, but no more than 2 business days later or we will refund your money and cancel the order if you so choose.

If it's a larger order we may need some additional time to assemble it.

Please beware that new customers using the e-check payment option will have a processing time of 1-2 days, besides the 2 days business day shipping policy we reserve for all orders, to verify that funds have come in, before any orders are shipped. If you order with FedEx or UPS please consider that it will not be shipped the same day as you order.

If a tracking # is provided by the shipping carrier, we will update your order with the tracking information. Please note that some orders may not have tracking numbers.

The rate charged for the shipping of your order is based on the weight of the products, and your location. All orders within United States come with FREE shipping included. Before the final checkout page you will be shown what the cost of shipping will be, if applicable, and you will have a chance to not place your order if you decide you don’t want to pay shipping.

Expedited shipping is available at additional costs, please inquire with Healing Tree of Life LLC if you need this and it is not listed.

If the post office didn’t deliver your item in a timely manner, or if they just made a boo-boo of your package please do not leave negative reviews on eBay or Amazon. We will try our best to make you happy again in any way we can, and as much as we would like to, we cannot help what happens while your package is in shipping mode. Please, if you are not satisfied contact us first and we will give you some TLC. We are very keen on satisfied customers!

We cannot guarantee any shipping timeframe stated by the carrier. After they receive your order it is out of our hands. We also cannot refund any shipping costs unless the shipping carrier refund us, and they do not give refund because of bad weather.

We reserve the right to change this document at any given time.